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Ksenia Parkhatskaya - modern swing "Revival"

Dodano: 2014-05-31

Wyświetleń: 13802

Czas trwania: 03:48

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Opis materiału Ksenia Parkhatskaya - modern swing "Revival"

                  Music changes. Dance changes with it. 

Modern, nowadays jazz or music after 50's is considered to be "non-danceable" among swing dancers.

I truly love and appreciate nowadays jazz. With my new dance act I wanted to show that its not only possible to dance to this music, it's interesting, challenging, beautiful and creative!

For this mission I chose Christian McBride Big Band recording  "In a Hurry"

Christian McBride - one of the most in demand, virtuoso bass player. Winner of 3 Grammy Awards.
This tune is a fierce foray: powerful creative instrumental solos and astounding bass leading line. Feeling of a classic 30's big band in the "head" and modern jazz in the solos. This is a nowadays big band music!

My dance as music itself portrays a mixture of old tradition (authentic jazz, charleston, blues) and new influences (modern, house, hip hop). 

Video by Slava Bogatov
Music by Christian McBride Big Band "In a Hurry"                


Опять порадовали меня талантом!!!!Спасибо!!!!
phenomenal !!!
Иван Иванов
Ксения ваш чарльстон не подражает! вы прекрасны!
Christine Mary Gallacher
Sooooooooooooooo Smart........
like always from Ksenia inovative & great
Blake Canham-Bennett
You are my favourite performer!! Wow! Much love from las vegas
Сергей Долгов
Шок!!! Сумасшедший Шо!!! Нет слов !!! Сплошной восторг!!!Shock ! ! ! Madman Sho ! ! ! There are no words ! ! ! Continuous delight ! ! !
восхитительна )
Ksenia always original and beautiful in her ART :)(: