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End Laziness - Best Motivational Video (very powerful!)

Dodano: 2019-06-04

Wyświetleń: 23158

Czas trwania: 5 min

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Opis materiału End Laziness - Best Motivational Video (very powerful!)

                  One of The Most Motivational Speeches Ever

Motivational Video | Inspirational Video | Life Success

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putu suamerta
The harder I am partying...the harder I will work !!!!!👍👍👍👍
jack jackson
Depression is a debilitating disease that causes; 1. Lethargy, 2. Anger, 3. Sadness, 4. Hopelessness, 5. Suicide.These are just the things I experience every day as I once again try to find a medication that will help. Lexapro did a good job for many years then just quit working. As I search for a new medication, I struggle to get busy and keep myself occupied with daily chores. That is my best defense against my own thoughts. The second defense is to reach out to friends if the moods get too heavy. I can always lift myself out of a bad mood simply by helping someone else. It's a double blessing!If you know someone that deals with depression, do not allow them to become isolated. Ask them to help you. Saving their life can be just that simple.
Mobolaji Efe
Thank u
Reeble Snarfle
Thank you for this! This is absolutely the inspiring, wonderful channel. The ONE that I downloaded, to hear over and over and over again is TRUST GOD. I think that is America's, and the worlds', greatest challenge. Just to let go and let God. And you guys put it out there! It hit me right between the eyes! ( Attention shoppers...)You people have tremendous hearts! God bless and keep you, keep putting out positive spirit!
Sun :3
Depression isn’t being lazyPeople with it can’t just “be happy”
Brian Ranger
Life is hard find your vision keep distractions low and push foward and NEVER give up!!! If your lucky enough to have enough time on your side eventually it WILL happen just BELIEVE!!✌️❤️
sara bailey
its tiring and draing ... the LA exhausting .. daily grind is normal life !!
Ivan Revolution
Super!! 500.000 will )))
Don't become a victim and feel sorry for yourself. Allow yourself some time to think and make the commitment to change the direction of your life if you do not like where you are going.