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Nurko - Tonight (Lyrics) feat. Luma

Dodano: 2019-01-16

Wyświetleń: 1504000

Czas trwania: 03:35

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Opis materiału Nurko - Tonight (Lyrics) feat. Luma

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⚡️Let’s get lost tonight

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▶️ Nurko

▶️ Luma

🎤 Lyrics: Nurko - Tonight (feat. Luma)

What a shame that I didn't see your face in the crowd
We had a moment is the moment gone
Say my name, say it soft or baby say it loud
I want you with me when it’s said and done
Lean in closer, you've got a hold on me
It's not forever, but I hope it never ends

Let’s get lost tonight
Breathe as one tonight
We'll be gone with the sun, there's no guarantee
You can take all you want from me tonight, tonight, tonight
You can take all you want from me tonight

Feel my heart beating faster when I'm standing in place
This is something I don't wanna lose
Not alone, but no one's watching us anyways
If you're willing then I'm willing to
Lean in closer, you’ve got control of me
It’s not forever, but I hope it never ends

Let's get lost tonight
Breathe as one tonight
We’ll be gone with the sun, there's no guarantee
You can take all you want from me tonight, tonight, tonight
You can take all you want from me tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

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Nurko "tonight" semoga berjaya
Connie's Taylor
Being trailer trash .. alone daydreaming I was with my freind at night
sun set
Nice and lovely
Connie's Taylor
Home waiting
lily lovers
Hisk hiks'
lily lovers
What a Shame that l b DiDn't see yo
jay doe
Listening to wave music is like going to your own comfort world where you can leave everything and just fall into it :) <3
Connie's Taylor
Going home
Love this song