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3D Modeling Tutorial #55 - Modeling Details Part 1

Dodano: 2014-07-08

Wyświetleń: 19506

Czas trwania: 25:57

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #55 - Modeling Details Part 1

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #55 - Modeling Details Part 1

In this video I'll show you various tools and techniques that you can use to add detail and visual interest to your models.

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thanks this tutorial was great as well
asif khan
i want links of your vedios talking about making textures and uv unwraping
asif khan
you are great i want to see your face
Elielson Nascimento
thank you so much! what a tuto
Jeffry Alonso
#2016 begin
This part is much easier than previous series. Thanks very much
Can Weng
So if two objects are intersecting with one another you don't really need to "combine their meshes" in any way? (Brackets because not talking about the combine tool)I always thought that boolean has to be used for the intersecting faces.
pander ex
@Arrimus 3D do you ever use the Reset Xfrom that can be found in the Customize UI menu? i mean you can put a Reset Xfrom button onto your UI and that one works differently from the one in the Utilities panel that you just used at 16:30 because this other one applies the reset xform and collapses your stack by just one click (or with a shortcut if you prefer it that way)
Hamed design
arrimus brain is a 3D machine