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One Day It Will Be Over - LIVE NOW - Motivational Speech

Dodano: 2016-06-23

Wyświetleń: 3110769

Czas trwania: 04:28

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Opis materiału One Day It Will Be Over - LIVE NOW - Motivational Speech

                  One Day It Will Be Over - LIVE NOW - Motivational Speech
Music & Speech by our main channel - Fearless Motivation
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One Day It Will Be Over - Motivational Video
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FarviZz vlog
Im 21 years now.....i didnt earned anything in my whole life....now i m at that moment in life ...i dn even know whether to live or to die......im helpless ....😢😢
Thank you so much! SHARING
hadie rilah
Awesome! Ada subtitle indonesianya.
lee lunk
Thirumal R
3 years before I was cry when after YouTube recommend this video. That moment this make me little. Now I'm extremely good with peace mind
lin Wei Xiang
Strong poeple came from disappointment.. rejection... sorrow..pain.. betray..sadness..etc
Jun Cantorna
Whoever made this video. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. God must have sent you on Earth to spread the Truth, to wake people up, to open their eyes because most people especially in 1st world countries are stressed,depressed, anxious because of the constant comparing of themselves to others, constant worrying about how they look, how to pay the Bills, etc. therefore they're not happy at all because they dont have PEACE OF MIND, they may look fine on the outside but on the inside they're dead. Anyways, please keep sharing the TRUTH, I really hope you have a very long life because we need people like you to constantly remind us on how to live our best lives, how to live a "HAPPY" life here on Earth.
Jaida _soccer
Caesar S.
I’m going to chase my dreams regardless if I fail We have one frekin shot in life and I’m not even interested in a long life I just want to live an adventure! One life y’all one!!!! If you’re hesitating about chasing your dreams just go!!! Run towards your dreams and never look back!
Estephanie Velazques
Man dind't you brake your microphone? you surely broke my ears ;-;It was a beautiful speech though. I'm studying to be an engineer cause I have a dream and I'll have to crazy work at it, you made me remember I have to enjoy every moment like it was the last one. Thank you <3