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My Dying Bride Turn loose the swans Full Album

Dodano: 2016-12-18

Wyświetleń: 131414

Czas trwania: 58:03

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Opis materiału My Dying Bride Turn loose the swans Full Album



nicoletta Narcisi
I can get into most genres of extreme metal but Funeral Doom is one that eludes me. It's supposed to be slow and meaningful, but I feel the emotion is lacking, and due to the nature of the music there's no riffs. This feels very trite and conceited.
I love that melancholy! Makes me so chilled..
nothing compares to As the flowers Wither..to me that is the ultimate Doom Metal album... no clean "mystical" singing, just deep gutteral melancholy...perfect..
Catt Blakk
Im a new fan although not new to the music...funny how life events change your taste in music so as to be more inclusive.
Catt Blakk
MDB..best of doom metal.
Clari Nere
" We are without excuse, we burn in our love, we die in our eyes and drawn in our arms ". Such frigging cool lyrics. That's why I like doom metal; lyrics are also poetic and not just nonsense violent words, which can be fun, though a tiny bit tiring after the 10000th band that cried " fuck you, we hate ya... " and so on.
Андрей Лысак
Привет всем. Доброго утричка
это реаллллллл
Ser}I{ Skifotavrus
In nineteens of last century was a gold time of doom metal bands, such as:Paradise Lost "Gothic"(1991),Tiamat "Clouds"(1992)/"Wild honey"1994, Crematory "Just Dreaming..."(1994), Amorphis "Tales from the thousand lakes"(1994),Septic flesh "Mystic places of down"(1994)/"Future belongs to the brave"(1997),Lake of Tears"Headstones"(1995),Cemetary of scream"Melancholy"(1995),Anathema "Pentecost III"(1993),Theater of tragedy"Theater of tragedy" (1995),My dying Bride - "Turn loose the swans"(1993),Type O'Negative"Bloody kisses"(1991)/"October rust"(1996), Edge of Sanity "Crimson"(1996)/CrimsonII"(1997) Therion "Theli"(1996),In the woods" Heart of the Ages" (1995),Katatonia - "Brave Murder Day"- (1996).All are they were a masterpieces albums of that time till our days and forever...