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Robin Trower - Full Concert - 03/15/75 - Winterland (OFFICIAL)

Dodano: 2014-11-11

Wyświetleń: 328022

Czas trwania: 01:22:36

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Opis materiału Robin Trower - Full Concert - 03/15/75 - Winterland (OFFICIAL)

                  Robin Trower - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 3/15/1975 - Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

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0:00:00 - Day Of The Eagle
0:03:54 - Bridge Of Sighs
0:11:14 - Gonna Be More Suspicious
0:14:28 - Fine Day
0:18:33 - Lady Love
0:22:01 - Daydream
0:32:35 - Too Rolling Stoned
0:39:59 - I Can't Wait Much Longer
0:47:42 - Alethea
0:54:47 - Little Bit Of Sympathy
1:00:53 - Confessin' Midnight
1:08:37 - Rock Me Baby
1:16:00 - The Fool And Me

Robin Trower - guitar     
James Dewer - bass, vocals     
Bill Lordan - drums                


James Smith
My dad played me "Victims of the Fury" when I was getting into guitars age 12 in 1997. Robin was obviously influenced alot by Hendrix and I'm so glad he kept on making these amazing noises long after Jimi had to leave us.
Randy Salles
Only those of us who know this man's music can truly appreciate how fuckin good this trio was.....he's still playing but it's not the same without dewar.....long live Winterland, I saw the absolute greatest bands there!!
Fernando Acereto
The best and most underrated guitarist since Hendrix. Bought their first album “Twice Removed from Yesterday “Saw them at the Shrine and the rest is history
Fernando Acereto
C. S. McLeod
When I first heard Whaling Stories,I knew Robin needed a better forum to show his prowess.
Brent Waterbury
I bought "Bridge of Sighs" in '73 when it came out as I had heard on KLOS. At the time I thot it was a re-incarnation of Jimi my Hero and that the 'rock gods' r alive n well. We all thot that hard rock would last an Eternity--Sabbath, Zep, Stones and Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Doobie's--made Us not doubt one bit. Yet just 2 yrs later The End--"Frampton Comes Alive" and the start of shit rock bands like Foreigner, Styx et al...
Joe McCurdy
Man we had our black light posters and a ton of great music and concerts did not cost a arm and leg to see we had it all I show my kids this stuff even there like dad we wish it was like this I appreciate technolgy but we had it so much bettet
Once upon a time, back in the Days-of-Old, there were a people who made instruments; and they played their instruments and they made something of a sound called ROCK-AND-ROLL . . . Long rumored to have been but a mere passing figment in someone else's damaged imagination; but no, from then until now, this is ROBIN TROWER.
Drew Baby drew
I like you Robin Trower I do .and when I was young I would slap your record on fullbore ...WOWNow I can't hear a bloody thing ,what did you say
It's just better that I wasn't at this show. I would have physically left my body and ending up crying tears of joy. How embarrassing that would be.