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Robin Trower - Full Concert - 03/15/75 - Winterland (OFFICIAL)

Dodano: 2014-11-11

Wyświetleń: 339699

Czas trwania: 01:22:36

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Opis materiału Robin Trower - Full Concert - 03/15/75 - Winterland (OFFICIAL)

                  Robin Trower - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 3/15/1975 - Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

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0:00:00 - Day Of The Eagle
0:03:54 - Bridge Of Sighs
0:11:14 - Gonna Be More Suspicious
0:14:28 - Fine Day
0:18:33 - Lady Love
0:22:01 - Daydream
0:32:35 - Too Rolling Stoned
0:39:59 - I Can't Wait Much Longer
0:47:42 - Alethea
0:54:47 - Little Bit Of Sympathy
1:00:53 - Confessin' Midnight
1:08:37 - Rock Me Baby
1:16:00 - The Fool And Me

Robin Trower - guitar     
James Dewer - bass, vocals     
Bill Lordan - drums                


Rob Parenzan
Robin Trower, the most underrated guitarist ever?
fernando lopez
El hendrix blanco.....
Tim L Waterworth
& the drummer ain't bad either.
Tim L Waterworth
Bob Hunton
I've often wondered what happened with Reg Isidore. I liked his work.
William Pittman
Yeah!, I was lucky enough to catch them at the boat house,in Norfolk VA in the mid-80's... I borrowed my girlfriend's ugly-ass AMC Pacer, drove from Hampton VA, went by myself, cause none of my friends were up on what great music was... This was the " new wave" era....sad...
Randal Hallmark
I saw these guys 1980 the bacchanal San Diego I was about 15 feet away there might have been 50 people there it was awesome
thomas christopher
Only old people understand why this this is still cool 😎 so.... Fuck off youngins. And get outta my bacement
Richard Faucheraux
Seeing Robin TROWER at Reading Festival (U.K.) in 1975 has been one one my greatest experience as a music fan. During the 3 days, he has been the most successful act. The crowd did not want him to leave the stage after the show, people were screaming and throwing their clothes in the air above their heads as a cloud of light objects floating. The promoter had to call him back to satisfy some 70 thousand fans going nuts. It was great !!!
Bill Nastali
Robin "mouths" the notes just like SRV did. Singing from the soul!