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Nazareth - Dream On (with lyrics)

Dodano: 2012-03-13

Wyświetleń: 112299

Czas trwania: 03:31

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Opis materiału Nazareth - Dream On (with lyrics)

                  The first new studio album since 2011 from the hard rock heroes who've sold over 30 million albums features 11 heavy rockers and bluesy ballads will be released the first week of June.
There will also be Deluxe and double LP vinyl versions which include 7 bonus tracks.

Download Nazareth's album The Anthology on iTunes : 
Buy Nazareth's album The Anthology on Amazon : 
Listen to The Anthology on Spotify : http://spoti.fi/29hvfUH


Check out Nazareth on Facebook : http://bit.ly/29qEfpG
Discover more about Nazareth on their website : http://bit.ly/29fgF0b                


Hj.Maryati Maryati
70's 80's gold era of music and my life.....
Eliseu Rodrigues de paula
Aí love you Byington buffet
Rudi Pidun
Best of dream on!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Supri Manggun
Beautifull song forever. 👍👍👍👍👍
Supri Manggun
poorguyfromharlem gaming
Nice relaxing song! Nazareth great band!
Dody Siwabessy
👑NAZARETH👑 🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏
Diva Pereira
Nazareth para mim o rei do rock mundial. 12.2018
Rachel Fages
Best Band from hard rock
Rachel Fages
He sings with heart..simple and rare!! Love !!!