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Full performance - Adam Lambert's tribute to George Michael

Dodano: 2017-08-26

Wyświetleń: 380821

Czas trwania: 15:17

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Opis materiału Full performance - Adam Lambert's tribute to George Michael

                  Faith, One More Try & Somebody to Love (Queen).
Extracted from the official video by Project Angel Food.
Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m78FOUlY8Nw
Angel Awards on August 29, 2017.                


Robin Alcorn
Thank you Adam that was beautiful George Michael was one of my favorite singer and songwriter ever sometimes I don't feel that he got the recognition that he wanted he was taunted by the media and the rag magazines he was a beautiful person inside and out the first time I saw you saying on American Idol you was my favorite that year you're an amazing person with an amazing Talent that brought tears to my eyes there is somebody singing his songs well done my friend you have a beautiful voice as well and your an amazing singer as well and you done a beautiful job singing George Michael songs what a beautiful tribute
Michigan Girl
Just when I thought I couldn't love these songs anymore....
I don't give a damn....gay or straight, George Michael was and Adam Lambert is so freaking sexy!
Ramona Stone
I love adams elfits.
Amy Bruno
Wow... Adam just makes it look so easy like we could all open our mouths and those notes would come out. Sheesh... took us all to church. Talk about being a conduit for Spirit.
Rhonda Peaslee
Adam lambert is God gifted from the heavens!!😘😍
Everybody has a purpose on earth. Adam has clearly found his, and that is to sing with such passion in an effortless way that causes straight women to break down and cry.
Truth First
Love this
Veronica Matchett
Adam had several missed opportunities - Freddie Mercury - David Bowie - Michael Jackson - George Michael and no doubt several others who were his idols ----- but I thank God I had the opportunity to live long enough to have Adam Lambert as MY idol.
Anyone else singing the backing vocals on somebody to love?