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1960 HITS ARCHIVE: Cradle Of Love - Johnny Preston

Dodano: 2015-09-08

Wyświetleń: 33220

Czas trwania: 02:18

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Opis materiału 1960 HITS ARCHIVE: Cradle Of Love - Johnny Preston

                  Cradle Of Love (Fautheree-Gray) by Johnny Preston

A number of familiar nursery rhymes are incorporated into Johnny’s top-5 follow-up to his big #1 hit “Running Bear.”

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THE 1960 HITS ARCHIVE - here in one place, a comprehensive collection of ‘pop’ best-sellers and songs that made an impact that were either released or enjoyed a major chunk of their popularity within the calendar year 1960.

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Sava Zukerman Ion
This song is so nice!
My grandfather was playing this song while we were driving to his house from Zaxby's
I was 19 when this came out...Now I am 3 months of being 76....Still love it....Maybe I can't dance, but I sure can move my shoulders etc...
Mary Hume
"Big Bopper Music".....I remember it well
Julio Cesar Quiroz Martinez
A punto de Partida!
Julio Cesar Quiroz Martinez
Joan Morris
Good singer. Gone too soon.
Thanks, my 4.5 year young girl loves this song. Driving her to school she always asks to play Rock a Bye Baby....