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Kai Greene - A Day in the Life Of A Bodybuilder (D

Dodano: 2015-09-19

Wyświetleń: 103506

Czas trwania: 01:26

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Opis materiału Kai Greene - A Day in the Life Of A Bodybuilder (D

                  A day in the life of Kai Greene!
Bodybuilder documentary                


Felix Chien
As much as I hate Phil Heath, he does have something that Kai Greene doesn’t have...Phil Heath is transparent. Kai Greene, while wise and intellectual, isn’t transparent. What I mean is there's a lot of fluff when speaking too philosophically. Abstraction can get too far from reality and I think what Kai says about being mindful isn't the state he's always in. I sense a lack of genuineness wherein he's more eager to appear like a wise man than actually being wise as a goal in and of itself. He still struggles with inner demons.
Pussy PaTroll
I can't take Kai seriously. Not after he fucked that orange. Search for it on Pornhub. Seriously.
Lendzemo Joachimkimeng
Kai got a lot of anger in him and this brother found peace in the gym my God bless you brother keep the good work
The Truth
Kai is a black man that never played the victim role. God bless that man.
Mouhamed Dib
Bodybuilding is m'y Life 💪💖
ajay birla
Which spray is use
Robert Johnson
If Kia ate organic eggs he would have beaten Phil lol
The Plant-Based Crank
The sad part is the steroids, which is a big component to what they do, are never addressed
I’m interested in steroids lolWhen do they show that part
S. Lingner
Damn dude, mad fuckin respect! Inspiring.