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Japanese Language Lesson 17 - Te form conjugation

Dodano: 2013-11-06

Wyświetleń: 237267

Czas trwania: 03:42

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Opis materiału Japanese Language Lesson 17 - Te form conjugation

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.


Lesson 17 introduces the Te form of Japanese verbs. Miyashita-sensei will teach how to conjugate this essential form and in upcoming lessons will display the many uses for this verb form.

For this lesson, we are basing conjugation off of the -masu form of the verb.


Regular 1 verbs:

Kaimasu/かいます - to buy
Machimasu/まちます - to wait
Kaerimasu/かえります - to return
Shinimasu/しにます - to die
Asobimasu/あそびます - to play
Nomimasu/のみます - to drink
Kikimasu/ききます - to listen
Oyogimasu/およぎます - to swim
Hanashimasu/はなします - to talk

Conjugation for regular 1 verbs -- the Te-form song:

1. i chi ri -- tte いちり — って
e.g.  Kaimasu/かいます — Katte/かって
Machimasu/まちます — Matte/まって
Kaerimasu/かえります — Kaette/かえって

2. ni bi mi -- nde にびみ — んで
e.g.  Shinimasu/しにます — Shinde/しんで
Asobimasu/あそびます — Asonde/あそんで
Nomimasu/のみます— Nonde/のんで

3. ki -- ite き — いて 
e.g.  Kikimasu/ききます — Kiite/きいて

4. gi -- ide ぎ  — いで
e.g.  Oyogimasu/およぎます— Oyoide/およいで

5. shi -- shite し — して
e.g.  Hanashimasu/はなします — Hanashite/はなして

Regular 2 verbs:

Tabemasu/たべます - to eat
Mimasu/みます - to see
Agemasu/あげます - to give
Akemasu/あけます - to open
Shimemasu/しめます - to close
Todokemasu/とどけます - to deliver
Tsukemasu/つけます - to switch on

Conjugation for regular 2 verbs -- change --masu to --te:

e.g. Tabemasu/たべます — Tabete/たべて
Mimasu/みます — Mite/みて
Agemasu/あげます — Agete/あげて
Akemasu/あけます — Akete/あけて
Shimemasu/しめます — Shimete/しめて
Todokemasu/とどけます — Todokete/とどけて
Tsukemasu/つけます — Tsukete/つけて

Irregular verbs:

Kimasu/きます - to come
Shimasu/します - to do

Conjugation for irregular verbs:

Kimasu/きます — Kite/きて
Shimasu/します — Shite/して


Stay tuned for future lessons on the Te-form and more!

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Ab Gaming
R Roy
English subtitles pls
DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)
I liked these better when they had beginners in mind. I miss the romanji and the explanations. I don't understand immersion when they don't explain things simply, it only slows the progress and frustrates in my experience. I learn languages very quickly, but it is the explanations that help, not teaching above your level. I really really liked the earlier episodes and was sad when the technique shifted!
River Fleuve
Merci ^^
Laura González Domínguez
Okay, but when we have to use the te form? I also miss the examples with sentences.
Parshu Ram Ghimire Chhetri
買った and 買っていた. what is the difference?
Swarnim Arya
domo arigato gozaimasu
in this video you didn't tell how to recognise that is it regular one , regular two or irrigular
Osama Adel
How do I know to which category a verb is ?