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Roman "Rex" Fritz: Destroying Arms At Diamond Gym

Dodano: 2015-04-01

Wyświetleń: 115916

Czas trwania: 12:24

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Opis materiału Roman "Rex" Fritz: Destroying Arms At Diamond Gym

                  Rex training guns at Diamond Gym in Maplewood, New Jersey. For a detailed companion article by Rex himself, also check out: http://animalpak.com/html/article_details.cfm?ID=708                


Korban Dallas
Bijan Oblique
Missing this kind of quality HD close Up training content of Roman. Bring some new content like that please!
Tabrez king khan
Russell Scala
Awesome gym. 👍🏻
Incredible muscle quality. Keep up the good work
james ghosal
I graduate from law school in one month, but my real goal in life is to be an Animal athlete!
Mr. Bludclot
Destroys arms in gym, then covers up in the shower lol
Oli Underground
Gutes Workout
Nicolas Dohrn
0:09 black guy...
Chad Miller
Aside from Roman being a great bodybuilder, you'd never guess English is his second language.