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Sand and Water - Beth Nielsen Chapman

Dodano: 2016-10-29

Wyświetleń: 21379

Czas trwania: 04:30

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Opis materiału Sand and Water - Beth Nielsen Chapman



ja weh
for me, that's dawson's creek. not sure this specific song was in there, but it captures the feeling of that wonderful show.
Randy R
1st time for me to hear this. Dedicating it to the 6 deaths that I am dealing with . A beautiful song 😧
Dion Neno
A beautiful song that deals with the pain surrounding the cancer death of her husband.
Recommended by Elton John on the Oprah show.
Neil Ladd
We are not alone anymore.
Marc Vandenbussche
Superbe chanson Merci
Great song! Hello type in "Ron Howard Cover" listen to "The Dance" To all of us who have lost ones. Life goes that fast, and we will see them again that soon!
bon iverz
What a complete performer.
lori myers
Every time I watch the ER episode with this song,I sob so hard that my chest hurts. 😭😭😭
Will McMillan
Beautiful sentiments and images and wisdom...