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Should You QUIT Your Job? - The Most Life Changing Speech Ever (ft. Garyvee, Joe Rogan)

Dodano: 2019-05-24

Wyświetleń: 1138671

Czas trwania: 11:27

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Opis materiału Should You QUIT Your Job? - The Most Life Changing Speech Ever (ft. Garyvee, Joe Rogan)

                  Should you quit your job and start a business? Joe Rogan & Garyvee talks about how to know when to quit your job and how to actually do what you love. This will be the most life changing speech you will see. It will motivate you to quit your job at the right time.

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The Outcome
Edit: Part 2 is out!: http://bit.ly/QuitYourJobPart2"You jump when you can afford to drown." - Garyvee
Tes H
Amazing, inspiring and wonderful. This video definitely stirred me from inside and made me doubt myself. It gave me some courage and fear at the same time. I felt like I am at cross roads. Takes guts to get out of comfort zone to slay your dragons.
Letsbefree Letsbefree
Haha always bashing accountant jobs on videos like this :D yes im an accountant but i love everyday of it :)!
Tomas Viane
That is exactly what I wanted to hear to confirm that I am taking the right decision!!! Thanks to the uploader and of course... the speakers in this video.When I am in doubt, I will revisit this video.
Michael JM
Well I'm not 21 So respectfully... shut the fuck up. You DO NOT have the problems now that the rest of us have. Kids and Wives need health insurance and food and clothes. Being single and 21 is different.
Brendan Garrity
One of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard
Rob Durant
Any other cops out there watching this video?
Simon Perez
Joe Rogan is a bitch.
Problem is when you are young you have all the time to do shit but no funds to do shit with. And when you are young you want to be an "adult" asap and want the stuff that gets you tied down and in debt but you dont know this till its almost too late and too old and lackk the engery or willing to risk loosing all the shit theyy have pissed away TIME to get.
7:23 "Now I'm making only $94.000 a year and I'm super happy" - hehe. Wow, what a sacrifice. A lousy $94.000 a year.