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Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

Dodano: 2009-12-18

Wyświetleń: 28822295

Czas trwania: 03:58

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Opis materiału Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

                  Über 1.000.000 Views! Danke Leute! *_____*
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Mohamed Hesham
Actually at 2:38 he says "all this time , I can't believe I couldn't see"
Grizyl Dy
2019 ?
Jung Hoseok’s Sprite
I actually love this song, the memes of this generation aren’t even that funny, take this song seriously, people. It’s a good song...
DouBle XL
I can hear the pixels
UB7 Gd
1983: this song is a masterpiece2016: rip good music
UB7 Gd
When you want a song sadder then 7 yearsWake me up joins the battle
UB7 Gd
0:53, everyone's favorite part
Morine Kyle Alf Bloodfang
micheal dhane
Remember when people took this song seriouslyWho is here in 2019, recalling this song's epicness?almost 10 years of upload 😎My fauvourite songWho got here from their memory?2017!!! still rocks!! this was real music !!