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Fearless Motivation - A New Era Awaits - Song Mix (Epic Music) [Happy 2019]

Dodano: 2018-12-27

Wyświetleń: 110269

Czas trwania: 10:35

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Opis materiału Fearless Motivation - A New Era Awaits - Song Mix (Epic Music) [Happy 2019]

                  Original songs composed by Fearless Motivation Instrumentals
-Rise Above

This is not an original song. For permission ask there: https://www.fearlessmotivation.com/contact/

Picture: https://wallpaperscraft.com/wallpaper/light_glare_bokeh_131979

All rights go to their respective owners.                


مهند جاسم
Sergio Sarmiento
Kangal Karabash
Amazing ....this music gives me strength thank u to the producer
Circle Surfer
Yes i like it, Oh Wonder, 7 Mrd under the Plejaden, spread Love, the Salt is all we have..... Amazing Epic Melodie <3 Thx for that....
هلو حسجة
Thank you thank you so much
john darcy
Thank you for your beautiful work,as this journey of life and evolution continues,as we strive to conquer ourselves and smash all limitations,while staying peaceful,emphatic and true to our spiritual nature,this music speaks volumes to me,woven with intricate emotion,just lovely,powerful and Divine,thanks again, Morgan...
Sagar Maheshwary
This one is really good!
shared awareness
indeed a new year is upon us,Another stint of time for us to instill our trust,to seek out more tomorrows,and to live life with less sorrows,More hours to think about the days ahead,More opportunity to guide the ones who are mistreated, and mislead,More time for you to think, to prayMore "I love yous" to say let us approach this fresh feeling and spread love and kindness,and see all the love around which reminds us that this beauty is present everywhere, and at all time....you see I cry tears of sorrow for those feeling saddened or mistreated,but also cry tears of joy when that sadness is overcome and defeated...yes this world can seem harsh, and coldbut there is something that bonds both the young and the old.......love...A love which transcends all matter of things,A love which mends all shattered dreams...I hope you know that I love you,each and everyone...let us share our focus to kindness and connection,and let go of the divisions, and need for strict direction.I believe in you, each and everyone,know you have a force upon this world which rivals the likes of our sun...a gravitational force which attracts all things you love or need,a warming gift of life for all to see....yes i do believe...Much love