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Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2019-01-17

Wyświetleń: 403992

Czas trwania: 02:54

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Opis materiału Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever (Lyrics)

                  2000 AND WHATEVER is the first official single from ELECTRIC FIELDS
Available February 1 2019
Filming: Carlo Santone 
Graphics: Rodge Smith
Video Edit/Grade: David Banbury
Thanks to Bond Creatives

Music Composed, produced and performed - Electric Fields
Electric guitar - Grayson Rotumah
Acoustic drums - Mark Henman 
Acoustic drums engineer - Yanto Browning, Airlock Studios
Production assistance - Alex Mader, Disk-Edits
Vocal engineer - Simon Cohen, Studios 301
Mixing engineer - Eric J Dubowsky
Mastering engineer - Leon Zervos, Studios 301

Special Thanks to Diana Sautelle, Stu MacQueen and Dan Crannitch
Thanks to Kurruru Arts and Culture Hub, Jamie Goldsmith, Deon Hastie, Jay Bartlett, Steve Pitkin                


Josh Dhue
oh man I thought this song meant we were getting new music :( , hopefully 2020 will bring us more Electric Fields
Bartłomiej Podstawka Music
I'm waiting impatiently for an instrumental version of this song!
Jorge Bejarano
So underrated
They could have had a similar impact on the future of Eurovision as Loreen had back in 2012. Maybe next year?
Sana Stan
Happy 2000 subs and whatever
Well, I respect Australian decision, but I still think, that this was the true winner. This was better song, Kate hed better performance. I believe that EF would have improved their performance for ESC and would be a way better than Zero Gravity.Just my opinion.
hüseyin özaltun
Emily's Eurovision Song Contest
If this was in esc I feel like it would be like norway, flop in jury but be top 3 in televote
Jestem Karol
I love it! <3
Victor Moraes
THIS IS SO BEYONG THOSE LITTLE MINDED JUGDES FROM EUROVISIONTHIS SONG IS OUT-WORLDLY, tastes so good, I’m so so pleased listening to this. This tribal elements, chords, metal sounds, every single element is combined into this amazing well crafted songI love Kate, but this represents not only big cities, but tribal Australia, even speaking their language. THIS is how you represent your country and your people, celebrating all different cultures inside of it. Periodt.