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unchained melody lyrics the righteous brothers

Dodano: 2013-11-20

Wyświetleń: 8983609

Czas trwania: 03:46

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Luminous Whale
Hey, this is my mother's account. Unchained melody was one of her favourite songs and she was really proud of her "achievement" to make a lyric video by herself, upload it and show it to almost 10million people.14th of december was her last goodbye after a great 8 year fight with "the sickness" and I have never had more feelings for a single youtube video. Thank you everyone for making my angel happy through your comments and giving her a big smile all these years.. May you have a great 2020 and be healthy and happy..
Imelda Palabyab
oh i was playing it now while im visiting the grave of my parents its their love song way back then kinda teary eyes while singing it to them.. my tears cant stop fallin reading the comments sharing somehow same sentiments..i will always the child you loved the most sending hugs and kisses to heaven with bunso also. .. the hardest pain i ever encounter in my life was loosing you.. but somehow inntje time when i needed you most somethin happen and i know it was you making it for me as my angels in heaven now iloveyoumorethanwordscansay
naomie zwetch
Andrea Marchán
Salven a Anne, tiene más para demostrar!
slim shades
I came to a party had a videoki people around are pulling my mic after they noticed this song I selected
Diana Lagonzalez
Like si crees que Anne va a hacer una versión angelical de este tema , cuando una versión es diferente a la original mola más
Jaime Ignacio Vejar Rojas
Vamos ANNE ❤️
Soy la única que está aquí por Anne??
juan jose
Quien viene por Anne Ot 2020?Ps: Salvar Anne pls
Anne se queda ❤️