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YOHANNA "Is It True" (official video)

Dodano: 2009-08-18

Wyświetleń: 1819627

Czas trwania: 03:05

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Opis materiału YOHANNA "Is It True" (official video)

                  Yohanna - the debut album "Butterflies And Elvis" out now on itunes:



Stanislav Abramov
10 лет этой красоте
Dupdap Waston
A swedish group from "Gautland" that took part in ESC, but I think was hindered by SVT, looking too swedish and blond, was the supergroup Timoteij. They gave up in 2016..😢👍🇸🇪🎶🇮🇸
Avgust june
2019 october.... from Azerbaijan
viorel mirancea
beautiful song ,beautiful lady ,beautiful country ! Greetings from Romania !
Brad Jackson
I was doing a google search with voice and I sneezed brought me here.
mira takagi
The vibration of singing feels the talent of music. (Vibrato is common in Japan) The art and beats that express human emotions were also impressed. Diletant Takagi Sueyuki歌唱のバイブレーションは音楽の才能を感じます。(日本ではビブラートが一般的)人間の感情を表現する芸術・又ビートも素晴らしく感動しました。ディレッタント・Takagi Sueyuki
Alessandro Ursus
The best song!!!!she should win!!!!!
Peter Point
Love this song and nice voice. But the video of singing song looks boring. Could make amazing clip with an interesting theme
Leah Rowden
It’s the most beautiful Icelandic entry I’ve ever heard.