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Lionel Richie & Diana Ross - Endless Love

Dodano: 2008-10-12

Wyświetleń: 155270

Czas trwania: 04:19

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Opis materiału Lionel Richie & Diana Ross - Endless Love

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Dave Pruyn
My loveThere's only you in my lifeThe only thing that's brightMy first loveYou're every breath that I takeYou're every step I makeAnd I(I-I-I-I-I)I want to shareAll my love with youNo one else will do...And your eyesYour eyes, your eyesThey tell me how much you careOoh yes, you will always beMy endless loveTwo heartsTwo hearts that beat as oneOur lives have just begunForever(Ohhhhhh)I'll hold you close in my armsI can't resist your charmsAnd loveOh, loveI'll be a foolFor youI'm sureYou know I don't mindOh, you know I don't mind'Cause youYou mean the world to meOhI knowI knowI've found in youMy endless loveOooh-woowBoom, boomBoom, boom, boom, boom, boomBoom, boom, boom, boom, boomOooh, and loveOh, loveI'll be that foolFor youI'm sureYou know I don't mindOh you knowI don't mindAnd, yesYou'll be the only one'Cause no one can denyThis love I have insideAnd I'll give it all to youMy loveMy love, my loveMy endless love
Robson de Abreu
https://youtu.be/c9Jfx0nSyDYBest cover
Sebastiao6e Carlos
Sebastiao o saudade da minha linda vanusa Alves corte pense numa mulher linda é maravilhosa um verdadeiro luxo nota dez ok
Delphine Perin
chanson d ouverture de bal au mariage de mon cousin christ
Pascal G
The World Of Ele
Bourjac Géraldine
love is hard to find who cares love is not real
He will always be my endless love
Brent Bartels
i'm still waiting
Iam 35 and she is 18 but she dosn´t know she´s my real first lov and I told her I was only 29. I dont wanna lose her. Anyway she my enless love. TE AMO ARELI