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Black Hill & Cousin Silas - Roaming In Teesdale (Full Album)

Dodano: 2017-05-08

Wyświetleń: 337457

Czas trwania: 36:56

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Opis materiału Black Hill & Cousin Silas - Roaming In Teesdale (Full Album)

                  Black Hill is the side project of Silent Island's, musicformessier's and White Cube's guitarist, Csarnogurszky István. 
Post-rock on a personal way.

Cousin Silas is an Ambient artist from Huddersfield, UK.

Roaming In Teesdale - Split (2017)

1. Black Hill - Grassland blues: 00:00
2. Cousin Silas - Summer view: 02:58
3. Black Hill - Storm above Egglestone: 05:25
4. Cousin Silas - Bradshaw Hill in autumn: 08:04
5. Black Hill - Low Force: 12:33
6. Cousin Silas - Hamsterley: 16:02
7. Black Hill - Nightwatching: 20:01
8. Cousin Silas - Snow falls over Mill Beck: 22:51
9. Black Hill - Ghost hunting in the Raby Castle: 26:15
10. Cousin Silas - Beneath the treeline: 29:30                


Someone pass the LSD please.
Ivey McCraney
This is perfect! I'm learning to play the guitar and don't even know if I could realistically play the first song, but if I could get the music for it to try and at least attempt to learn it... I would love that lol it gives me "sitting on the front porch of a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains while looking out at the stars in the night sky" vibes.
Juliano 2017
merging with the universoul
Leon A. Dib
Lovely Music
muhammad erfan
Im flyin with sadness and happiness in the evening sky
TriVos Ahren
Just read blackmill and wondered bout the guitar XD nice ambient sound
Mr. Skeltal
e sputnik 顴䖈陕 璆扅㙘 锒 隈香 袈睷 䑄啕
Bruh I'm so glad I found this I was at the point of not finding any new or old music enjoyable but I've just discovered black hill n it's perfect...
diosenzanome de verbomuto
I am drifting .......a.....w.............a.......................y..................................
Lilliana Rivera
My baby boy enjoys this beautiful music while he falls asleep