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Black Hill & Cousin Silas - Roaming In Teesdale (Full Album)

Dodano: 2017-05-08

Wyświetleń: 292570

Czas trwania: 36:56

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Opis materiału Black Hill & Cousin Silas - Roaming In Teesdale (Full Album)

                  Black Hill is the side project of Silent Island's, musicformessier's and White Cube's guitarist, Csarnogurszky István. 
Post-rock on a personal way.

Cousin Silas is an Ambient artist from Huddersfield, UK.

Roaming In Teesdale - Split (2017)

1. Black Hill - Grassland blues: 00:00
2. Cousin Silas - Summer view: 02:58
3. Black Hill - Storm above Egglestone: 05:25
4. Cousin Silas - Bradshaw Hill in autumn: 08:04
5. Black Hill - Low Force: 12:33
6. Cousin Silas - Hamsterley: 16:02
7. Black Hill - Nightwatching: 20:01
8. Cousin Silas - Snow falls over Mill Beck: 22:51
9. Black Hill - Ghost hunting in the Raby Castle: 26:15
10. Cousin Silas - Beneath the treeline: 29:30                


James Larson
Akhenaera Vaaldryn
I just discovered Black Hill and Cousin Silas and Silent Island for the first time tonight. It has been a thoroughly profound experience for me, awakening and transformational. Just exactly what I needed when I needed it. Thank you for this.
Sketch Eli Official
HeklAa, silent island, cousin silasRivers & ShoresTales Of The Night ForestRoaming In Teesdale
Doug Gerber
you listen to this at the same time as alice in chains jar of flies and it's awesome if it lines up at the right moment
Alex Taylor
Such beautiful music!
Kiana Picha
Are any of these songs available on Spotify actually?
sevcan gervan
Gönlünüze sağlık
David Denaldi
Who does the artwork for their records?
Vaggos Arko
Black Hill & <insert random amazing artist here> is a guaranteed success . All of these collab albums are hidden post-rock gems .
N / A
If this shit had the drum stylings of Thomas hakke from meshuggah it would be sooooo ridiculous