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Black Hill & Cousin Silas - Roaming In Teesdale (Full Album)

Dodano: 2017-05-08

Wyświetleń: 384189

Czas trwania: 36:56

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Opis materiału Black Hill & Cousin Silas - Roaming In Teesdale (Full Album)

                  Black Hill is the side project of Silent Island's, musicformessier's and White Cube's guitarist, Csarnogurszky István. 
Post-rock on a personal way.

Cousin Silas is an Ambient artist from Huddersfield, UK.

Roaming In Teesdale - Split (2017)

1. Black Hill - Grassland blues: 00:00
2. Cousin Silas - Summer view: 02:58
3. Black Hill - Storm above Egglestone: 05:25
4. Cousin Silas - Bradshaw Hill in autumn: 08:04
5. Black Hill - Low Force: 12:33
6. Cousin Silas - Hamsterley: 16:02
7. Black Hill - Nightwatching: 20:01
8. Cousin Silas - Snow falls over Mill Beck: 22:51
9. Black Hill - Ghost hunting in the Raby Castle: 26:15
10. Cousin Silas - Beneath the treeline: 29:30                


Mounster Chef
2:58 pretty cool ambient :D
micala newland
20:45 sounds like it could be a song from the Last of Us game!
Amrah Fusion
so beautiful...i love your music.... discovered it yesterday...
José Geraldo Vicentine Ramos
What's type of music him? I thinked so fucking good!!
Dillasmo Saurus
Reminds me of something from days gone
John Bell
This makes me fucking proud to be from Teesdale. Thanks for giving the area some recognition!
This music reminds me of diablo 1.
Maria Polanco
Suscrita!Lo mejor que he escuchado hace mucho tiempo.Infinito Hermoso.😍💚🍂🍃🐎
G Nichols
Great reading music. Especially for a series like The Witcher, or The Dark Tower (imo)
Reminds me sometimes of the ost of Mandy (2018)