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GLEE - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

Dodano: 2013-10-31

Wyświetleń: 8215830

Czas trwania: 04:23

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Opis materiału GLEE - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

                  GLEE - Full Performance of It's Not Right But It's Okay.
Sung by: Blaine Anderson/Darren Criss with The New Directions.
Episode: 3x17 "Dance With Somebody".                


Mr. Moon
The other cast members turning to give accusatory looks at Kurt is what makes this entire scene comedy gold. The director and editor for this number are both brilliant.
Quinn is me, I am Quinn. If a Glee Club like that would be real I would be hella confused by all the drama but definitely singing along :D
Becca Grace
He can’t sad sing.
Victor Cruz-Castro
2:19 santana’s face always gets me DEADD LMAOAOO
Memona Rehman
Blaine's "hope it gives you hell" version.
Roxana Medina
2019 ???
I mean, being called out by your heartbroken partner in front of a whole crowd (that's on his side) is hella embarrassing .... but we can all agree it's WAY more tolerable if done in the form of a great Whitney cover! :D
Fallon Burns
He cheated on kurt
Dead Body
love this song
Lorie Rkt
3:49 me when someone tries to justify herself