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흑형의 무술실력 (블러드 앤 본, Blood and Bone, 2009)

Dodano: 2011-12-02

Wyświetleń: 14880306

Czas trwania: 04:07

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Opis materiału 흑형의 무술실력 (블러드 앤 본, Blood and Bone, 2009)

                  블러드 앤 본 (Blood and Bone, 2009)
미국 | 액션 | 93분
감독 : 벤 램지
출연 : 마이클 제이 화이트, 줄리안 샌즈, 이몬 워커, 단테 바스코
Full Movie Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35ghWID3Iv8                


Vibe Donut
This guy used a holster for the sword while he was using a sword and stil lost.
Vibe Donut
2:05 man got folded like an omelet.
Vibe Donut
Wannabe James Bond vs legendary street fighter mythAnd the guy in the long sleeve and kaki pants wins
Jorge L. Caballero
Selvaram Ganesh
what sort of joke is this
Mr. Big
2:05 how embarrassing lol
John Titor
Kanye West?
Dillan Versai
This movie is old school...I love these type of movies with great fight scenes..the way they started, n then later on they do some sci fi bullshit or movies that are nowhere near as good.. like vandamme with blood sport , kickboxer, lionheart, the quest etc...stop trying to sell us that u can do great dialogue and deep films...we dont give a f....!!! We are here for the sick fight scenes n great stories!
Isaac Yeon
2:45 did MJW do a tutorial for this move in his YouTube channel?
닌자처럼 등장하는 흑형 칼 되게 느리네ㅋㅋㅋ 일반인이 휘둘러도 저거보단 빠르겠다...