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Emmanual Jal Gua

Dodano: 2010-07-27

Wyświetleń: 30290

Czas trwania: 04:04

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david fitzpatrick
Can somebody please put the full Gua album on Youtube?
Gatmai John Gatiek
i am listening Emmanuel Jal song it 's amazing for South Sudanese people
Søùth Kídz
Still watching 2018!!!
Aizza Biel
I still listening to this song
The African woman
Big love South Sudan!
Once upon a time, we had one country until hate divided us. We were not perfect, and no one is but I think we did not try hard enough to stay united. F*ck racism, religious differences, politics and whatever $hit that divides the human race.
bartholomew padhiik
It Reminded me for Unity.
Cerine Uchiha
i was looking for this since ages.. ER brought me here
Chung Changahai
First time heard this song it sticked on my head since then. Viva Africa.
flyknine YKing
i love this ! THAILAND