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Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (Full Album) HQ Sound 480p HQ

Dodano: 2017-06-12

Wyświetleń: 333478

Czas trwania: 37:23

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Opis materiału Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (Full Album) HQ Sound 480p HQ

                  Best sound (WAV/PCM /48.0 KHz/16 bits/2 Channels Stereo) & video quality in 480p (HQ). Track listing:
01 - 00:00 Day of the Eagle
02 - 05:01 Bridge of Sighs
03 - 10:02 In This Place 
04 - 14:30 The Fool and Me
05 - 18:25 Too Rolling Stoned
06 - 25:58 About to Begin
07 - 29:43 Lady Love
08 - 33:02 Little Bit of Sympathy
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Jerry Outlaw
No doubt, that is a grown man playing guitar.
Phillip Ross
This song brings back memories
Producer (Procol Harum keyboard whiz) Matt Fisher & former Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick cookin' up some irresistible ear candy for an audience on THC.
Arthur F. Scaltrito
RushMontroseROBIN TROWERPhila. SpectrumNov, 1976Great Concert!
Bruce Welcker
R.Trower took away a lot of our pain after Hendrix death. One of the first guitarists to step into the void left behind by Jimmy.
Joe laskoski
1974 Long Beach Arena Ca , two buddies and my girlfriend / wife now. Trower and two guys ripped down the house for all to hear and see. He just comes out and stands in one spot doesn't move just proceeds to play.I will never forget Robin and the boys and sure no one in attendance ever will. Thank You for the greatness
daniel rose
ya cant beat trower bridge of sighs brings back so many memories of cranking up the tunes and we had plenty of power to say the leasthes still rockin .Just played in petaluma
Jerry Osbron
How hard was it to get your hands on a phase shifter in 74.🤔
Denis Bergeron
Ok tho ky
clyde elliot
i remember ....robin ..yea ball.