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Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (Full Album) HQ Sound 480p HQ

Dodano: 2017-06-12

Wyświetleń: 379473

Czas trwania: 37:23

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Opis materiału Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (Full Album) HQ Sound 480p HQ

                  Best sound (WAV/PCM /48.0 KHz/16 bits/2 Channels Stereo) & video quality in 480p (HQ). Track listing:
01 - 00:00 Day of the Eagle
02 - 05:01 Bridge of Sighs
03 - 10:02 In This Place 
04 - 14:30 The Fool and Me
05 - 18:25 Too Rolling Stoned
06 - 25:58 About to Begin
07 - 29:43 Lady Love
08 - 33:02 Little Bit of Sympathy
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Mid 70's, Trower "Bridge of Sighs" kickin', with a joint and a few beers on a sunny summer day, a lazy 15 year old out on the lake partying with friends, not one single care in the world. I want a time machine!
Mason Albert
What a voice, one of a kind... thumping that bass holy cow Batman! Trower over there rippin' in between sweet squeezing. This was a helluva timeless legendary band and if you disagree please go away with that 'no collusion' rot...your kin is not welcomed up in here.RIP James. Thank you Robin.
Brad Noble
anybody else remember that green hash and it really get you high and we're smoking it under that glass glass
Brad Noble
I Remember Song is the ultimate freak-out but try to maintain this with a new Panama Red coming into town with an Columbian gold smoke yeah come on
Robert Moor
I was a 17 yr. old HS Senior in 1974. When I heard this album for the first time I was mesmerized! Immediately learned how to play this on guitar in our little band. Then the next song, and the next. Saw him on this album tour in Philly in Nov.1974 w/HS girlfriend , first date, & first love. And yes, Levis, Michelob, Marlboros and the fine Columbian. That was truly one of the best days of my life! I miss it.
Glen Murschel
One of the most beautiful albums of the 70's and all time really....
Have popup ads during an album playing is one thing, BUT ads that STOP the play to show the ad is something else
James had a voice
Randy Semenak
This stuff really invokes being a teenager in the 70's also,never realized how killer the drumming is on this album
Frank Jones
Robin Trower was actually thrown out of my town's stadium because the crowd was too rowdy. The mayor came and ended the show. And a female mayor at that. One of the first in the country. I'm sure the crowd took it well. My friend told me the story cuz I couldn't go, but he never told me if the tickets were refunded?