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Keke Palmer - We Are Lyrics

Dodano: 2012-08-19

Wyświetleń: 771774

Czas trwania: 03:03

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                  Keke Palmer - We Are Lyrics                


Carrie Tyner
I love it 💘
Gabriel Fedorel
This song is ice Age 4 ou essa musica e do a era do gelo4
Please can you do This on Spotify
Rebeca Yasmim
we are we are not your ordinary family but we can all agree that we are,we are close as close can be so it don't matter what it looks like we look perfect to me we got every kind of lover we're so lucky indeed they can keep on talking it don't matter to me cause we,re we are family
offically my favorite song
Hi Olivia Michelle
This song has been stuck in my head for 3 days and I have no idea why I haven’t heard it in like 5 years
Alice Paulino
Ice Age 4
DJ Tessy
We Are,We Are A Family Happy!😁
Bia Sch
Hello I Lov You How are You