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Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

Dodano: 2007-11-03

Wyświetleń: 15191682

Czas trwania: 05:38

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Opis materiału Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

                  Another song from Kind of Blue                


Alexander Fang
They dont understand
abraham delgado
Ah yes my favorite katawa shoujo ending
Gia Smith
He’s blowing through that instrument all the inexpressible feelings in my mind🤧
Kevin Morrow
So special this music.
the jazz masters
Ms. Rupp.... What a jerk in the 80s. I hope she's better with social skills. BUT the one thing she did was expose me, in her accelerated English class to this song as a writing assignment.... so dismissive she was with me, (I was in my Christian phase, when all I wanted was what she had to impart ... SHE Deliberately (well, employ the pejoratives and expletives of your choice here) gave me zero encouragement but showered it onto all others. THIS SONG, changed my life. That was all she ever did for the kid who's the name (out of a class of ten) she refused to remember! who did she like? Efffing Julio Gomez..?! He is the president of what now? The chief of where? He was handsome and politic. Julio. Decades later, I have had intimacy with teachers as an adult... they lie, have favorites, aversions, inclinations, bias and are so often WRONG.  Humans, as varied as humans are. I did ALRIGHT... YOU have likely heard the things I've worked on in big box stores and radio... meh ... I came from the streets and could have easily been another trumped up number in prison(This is America) . Rupp ...Sucked.... but the one right thing she did ... was play this during class. Changed my life. Thank you Ms. Rupp
Great Music!!!!!  I have Blue in Green by. Miles Davis on my favorites!!!!!!!
Sin dudas, este tema nos acerca mas a las estrellas.
Jason Teeter
This is better than any album ever.
thena marie