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Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

Dodano: 2007-11-03

Wyświetleń: 14626826

Czas trwania: 05:38

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Opis materiału Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

                  Another song from Kind of Blue                


"They don't understand"
Matthew Cloner
From the top selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue. This song was written by Bill Evans.
Leslie Hamilton
2019 so glad my grandparents played this music for me it is just timeless. <3
Bill Birmingham
Who thumbs down this song??
the kinda music that makes you grow a five o’clock shadow and a dead end job shuffling papers in the precinct
Rest easy xxxtentacion.
the first chords of this piano gets me in a place i can't describe... after all the bs you take and listen to this song remembers you that there is true art out there
Endr Adrian Ramirez
When Jay Dee Hits the Sample button on the MPC when he finds something dope: 0:09
Mamadu Abdulaay Job
Best song to put into ears when travelling on train and looking at the landscape we cross.
Rafael Yenokyan
J dilla