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Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

Dodano: 2007-11-03

Wyświetleń: 14808075

Czas trwania: 05:38

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Opis materiału Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

                  Another song from Kind of Blue                


Agustin Nahuel Matera
La suave bateria de fondo le da un toque especial
paulus ferdinand
Well that fucked me up, four beers and I’m a mess, but a good mess.
Tomé Silva
Fils de Poseïdon
Who remenbers Moonlighting ?
The pensive Truth seeker
If this isn’t a masterpiece, please YouTube audience show me otherwise
The pensive Truth seeker
This music will always have a place in my heart
The pensive Truth seeker
My heart and spirit treat this beauty of a tune as a gem.A precious gem :)
Hugh Winterbottom
Wow just amazing
오랜만에 들으러왔습니다 감사합니다
Rizky Octavianto
Anyone knows what made that sounds in 5:08? it kind of like strings is that the double bass?