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Arctic Moon feat. Shuba - Cool In My Disaster

Dodano: 2019-07-31

Wyświetleń: 8689

Czas trwania: 04:17

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Opis materiału Arctic Moon feat. Shuba - Cool In My Disaster

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All around the world there's people looking for a story 
Whispering through day and night they make things harder for me 
I hold onto all my haunted memories for no reason 
Looking for a way out till you helped me fight my demons

Cause you are the cool in my disaster 
And I can’t let you go 
I try to run to you faster 
With you I’m not alone

You’ve been gone way too long it's getting cold 
How do I know if you’ll be back 
These walls are twisting and burning down 
They all keep screaming out your name

Where did you go 
My world is caving in 
I’m holding on and 
Following the winds 
Cause you are the cool in my disaster 
Cause you are the cool in my disaster                


Daniela Lageyre
I just love that song..... For me is perfectCuba says hi
Adam Tomaszewski
Prawdziwy pure trance ciarki jak przy FAV Cosmic Gate
Piekne ! Masz mój glos na tune of the year ❤
Lau Ver
My favorite track in the gym <3 thank you ARctic Moon you are amazing!
Thắng Nguyễn
gosh, your music make me cry.
I don't understand that You have only 706 subscribers. Wtf people!
Another banger, those vocals are perfect
fat ashe
0:48 the sunset at Tel Aviv Beach! I was JUST there - UGH you just made me love this song a million times more. The world is better because of your music. Thank you
Craig Hardy
Love this, brilliant tune :)