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Sanctuary | 1989 | Into The Mirror Black [FULL ALBUM] HQ

Dodano: 2015-06-16

Wyświetleń: 108712

Czas trwania: 46:58

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Opis materiału Sanctuary | 1989 | Into The Mirror Black [FULL ALBUM] HQ

                  Band: Sanctuary
Album: Into The Mirror Black
Year: 1989
Genre: Power/Thrash Metal
Country: USA
Label: Epic Records


Warrel Dane (R.I.P. December 13th 2017) - Vocals
Jim Sheppard - Bass
Lenny Rutledge - Guitars
Sean Blosl - Guitars
Dave Budbill - Drums, Percussion


01. Future Tense - 0:00
02. Taste Revenge - 5:09
03. Long Since Dark - 10:12
04. Epitaph - 15:20
05. Eden Lies Obscured - 21:26
06. The Mirror Black - 26:50
07. Seasons Of Destruction - 32:00
08. One More Murder - 36:54
09. Communion - 41:18

All rights belong to Sanctuary.                


Magnus Naess
RIP Warrel Dane. It is now 2019. 30 years have passed since I first heard this fantastic album. Listening now it feels just as relevant as ever. Give it 30 more years and i´ll probably still give it 10 out of 10. Classic!!!
Jorge Ruben Arevalo
se puede cantar mejor que lo hizo Warrel Dane en este album????
Βασίλειος Πάνου
The most underrated album in the history of music!
What a powerful message sent into the future.
Panos Antypas
Panos Antypas
Isaac Garcia
this album along with about half a dozen others, is what sparked my interest in the emerging Power/Thrash subgenre back in the early 90's. Because back then all I listened to was Thrash and Death metal, so for me traditional Power metal was too cheesy. although some 80's Thrash is pretty similar to Power metal in comparison. But since I was starting to get sick of the Death metal guttural growls and abrasive screams of some Thrash, but couldnt stand the constant high pitch shrieks of Power metal, this new subgenre seemed to be right in the middle. And its albums like THIS one, the first two Iced Earth albums, and the first few Blind Guardian albums, that I consider Power/Thrash classics. Even Pantera's Cowboys From Hell album could be considered a Power/Thrash album.
Ozzy Osbourne
Warrel gigante! Faz muita falta...
Justin Pisciotta
Ohh, one more thing! LONG SINCE DARK !!!