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Planet X - Bulgaria 2001

Dodano: 2011-10-10

Wyświetleń: 132411

Czas trwania: 58:30

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Opis materiału Planet X - Bulgaria 2001

                  01 Clonus
02 Ignotus Per Ignotium
03 Inside Black
04 Apocalypse 1470 BC
05 Lost Island
06 Derek Sherinian Solo
07 Warfinger / Bass Solo
08 Warfinger (Reprise)
09 Tony MacAlpine Solo
10 Her Animal
11 Virgil Donati Solo                


Valentino Martinez
What Fodera bass is that? If anyone knows pls reply!!
Eduardo Nogueira
This band sounds incredibly heavier than any other band using 7 strings guitar. They knew how to do that pretty well.
Hamid Yeganeh
Can not finde a band like this &having them by now must be only a great brilliance MIRACKLE🔔🎶🎶🎵💙💚☘🍃🕊🙏👑
Fernando Chanate de la Garza
The power of a Premier maple artist series!!!
Does a DVD or high quality version of this exist anywhere?
Is that Tony playing?
Totally underRated and BadAss ! Kick it!
A planet x and LTE reunion tour would be orgasmic
Alas 2 of them later had to debauch themselves and carry Steve Vai through his 2001 shows.
Pablo Gomez
Tony macalpine is the guitar boss over Abasi ( actually abasi play the same techniques of Tony on 1992 guitar lesson with the white guitar Tony mentioned this technique and he called bass technique finger slapping