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Nightcore - Hate Me (Eurielle) - (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2018-08-09

Wyświetleń: 8595281

Czas trwania: 04:46

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Opis materiału Nightcore - Hate Me (Eurielle) - (Lyrics)

                  LYRICS IN THE VIDEO, ENJOY ♪ 

Song Name: Hate Me
Artists: Eurielle

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Tags: #hateme #hate #eurielle #nightcore #lyrics

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Eiden XII
Hate me, Break me, Push me, Crush me. "Then save me"Finally, let us understand that the last phrase are the most important thinghope you understand 💚
Türkan 22ARMY
bayılıyorum bu şlarkıya yaaa
Aleyna Gizem
Hate me, break me. Let me feel as hurt as you.
Laura Mardones
Laura Mardones
Simi SEREMI chisei meibi
Da Ninja501
That one friend that you have,that is trying to help everyone as much as they can... They need saving they need help as well
•moonchild don't cry•
X: i hate youMe: okX: what? i said i hate you!Me: yes and i said ok?X: but-Me: can you just fuck yourself?
X-xender X-xender
Use earphone make me feel sad
I want to d*e si why i am stil alive ihave the respond:its for make to you a better life 😭
Ömer Turan
why do people hate each other? I ask you now love each other because this stupid world needs it