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The Game - Start From Scratch

Dodano: 2008-03-04

Wyświetleń: 639906

Czas trwania: 05:48

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Opis materiału The Game - Start From Scratch

                  The Documentary                


Jeff Larrison
I feel his pain yo. I'm a ex gang banger. I was part of the bloodz and I miss all my dead homies. I just wish I could tell all my other homies to get out the life. But it's hard.
Zeke Venty
Heard this when I was 15. I'm 29 now and still love it
James Moore
Whoever produced this track is 🔥, Game is nice and his production is tight.
The strength of that album is uncanny. Absolutely superb
This makes me reflect on my life
This album was fireee. if I could only start my life from scratch.... the things I'd change
David Smith
No homo. That Nigga voice brought the whole album out
Jay ThankYou
If you would of told Puffy and Biggie about the rampart scandal guaranteed you would be sitting next to Jimmy Hoffa. Suge Knight as well as half of the LA police would of made sure. These young kid rappers nowadays ain't got a clue. This is my opinion i know it but I think you should of stayed with Dre. Maybe you would of got less money but with Dre genius yes he may not be the best rapper but his music, his beats like Dillinger are amazing and you would of released some amazing tracks. Please, Please, Please do not release a track with Arab Attack ( Khaled joke. I cant believe he thought that was a good title to have just after 9/11.) Please not another one. That fat [email protected]
Bale Bozinovski
The Game plays no games.
Danny Brown
Still one of his best songs, that emotion in his voice 👌🏻 been 14 years I been playing this album now!