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Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Live) | Vevo LIFT

Dodano: 2019-02-04

Wyświetleń: 296405

Czas trwania: 03:21

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Opis materiału Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Live) | Vevo LIFT

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Sigrid performs 'Sucker Punch' live in this incredible location exclusively for Vevo LIFT.

#Sigrid #VevoLIFT #SigridLIFT

Watch more from Sigrid: https://bit.ly/2HdS1yo 

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Director: Ivana Bobic
Producer: Kate Brady
Executive Producers: Nick Calafato, Mish Mayer, Claudia de Wolff
Production Manager: Joel Spencer
1st AD: Chris Malin
DP: Giuseppe Favela
1st AC: Mike Linforth
2nd AC: Michael Kinsella-Perks
Sound engineer: Alex Archer
Editor: Flaura Atkinson @ The Quarry
Colourist: Rich Fearon @ MPC
Gaffer: Andy Walton
Electricians: Jonn Clarke, Paul Bremner, Dougie Kwan
Projectionist: Manou Bendon
Production Designer: Jabez Bartlett
Art Dept Assistant: Kit Falck
Art Dept Assistant: Ali Osborne
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Gabi Floyd
Photographer: Louis Browne
Runner: Freddie Wright                


Sending message from South Korea, Sigrid you and your band are so great, especially I can feel your soul is so untied. now you got a huge fan, Me!
I can't stop thinking about you, SIGRID!!
Andrea Sharpe
Why does the drummer look like Avicii as a dad?
june ardi
when i see this video, i don't wanna this song over
Karina Reyes
Hermosa 😙 cantas increíble 😉😃😃☺️
Angel Ramirez
her drummer is so 😍😍😍😍
Amazon Tuber88
This song help me ignore my aniexty
listen to 2:23 to die instantly
Steven Pictures
i really like to know all 10.000 people who liked it in front of me =) you guys are great! beautiful song =) thumbs up !!!