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A Thousand Times Good Night ● Abel Korzeniowski

Dodano: 2017-03-30

Wyświetleń: 2283503

Czas trwania: 06:47

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Opis materiału A Thousand Times Good Night ● Abel Korzeniowski

                  Part of the soundtrack of the film ❝Romeo & Juliet❞ 2013
Composer Abel Korzeniowski 

Image from ​​ | ​ [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=61570152

Neither the music nor the image belong to me.

Thanks to Grumpy Bear for making the video ♡                


Dorothy Gears
I have to ask: Who are the lost ones who give thumbs down to BEAUTY ?
Good nights. Keep your light on in your miror. Shut are the open eyes.
Janna 7
The only comment sections that are always so nice and non-toxic are under videos such as this beautiful composition. Wonderful music. 🥀
Madalina Migdal
Yesterday on my birthday the same time I was born, my grandmother died. Good night my mother, good night for thousand times an more. I love you until the end and so much more. Know you are sleeping for a short time until the everlasting God will wake you up to the new heavenly world without tears, screams an death. Look i make it all new God says. That's a promise. I trust him with all my soul, my heart and my mind that we all see the died people again and then we can live together forever and ever. And this Joy nobody can takes me. My God, my king and lord, the son of God took away the death on the cross because he died for us. He was awaken and is alive. And God wants that we were alive too. Believe in God and Jesus Christ. That's our hope, our love and our life. Good night my dear mother an grandmother. Good night for thousand times. God never leave us, he never leaves you. Until we see us i will miss you so much. God bless you forever. In Jesus name. Amen🕯️🙏❤️
Good nights...
Isabela Elena Chitan
For you, Nam Joon! Open your heart and fall in love! I'll feel better and more confident that I can forget you! I'll know you'll be happy! I know it's not my business your happiness but it's important to me! 💜
Laurence Smith
This is a great musical piece that conveys hope, contentment, and cordiality.
Alison Skarratt
Anissa YAHI
Remind me Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, the half blood Prince, and the deathly Hallows .....