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Top Secret - UK Hip Hop Mix 18

Dodano: 2013-09-16

Wyświetleń: 42530

Czas trwania: 41:21

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Opis materiału Top Secret - UK Hip Hop Mix 18

                  Top Secret [Ruffnek Diskotek/Who?Crew]


 1 Braintax -- Escuchame (Low Life)
 2 Jehst -- City of Industry (Low Life)
 3 Lewis Parker & Supa T -- A Thousand Fragments (Melankolic)
 4 LG & Lopez with Yungun -- City Breaks (Sit Tight)
 5 Rodney P -- Big Black Boots (React)
 6 Mark B & Task Force -- Graforiginees (K Boro)
 7 Task Force featuring Ramson Bad Bones -- Dragon Kings (MFTC)
 8 Task Force featuring Don Iguana -- Fugs R Us (Low Life)
 9 Task Force -- The Last Tune (Low Life)
 10 Prem C -- Rosebud (Dented)
 11 Jehst -- 1979 (Low Life)
 12 Braintax, Lewis Parker & Supa T -- Making Moves (Low Life)
 13 Jehst -- Return of the Drifter (Low Life)
 14 Jehst -- Stand up (White Label)
 15 Lowkey & Spellz -- Move Yourself (Sensory Overload)
 16 Skitz, MCD & 2ICE -- Champion Sound (React)

 RUNNING TIME -- 41:20                


richard knowles
Thoughtune Records
Sick, real Uk rap! that same raw sound that i'm going for, if you like raw unique uk rap, check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF6O38y5_6U
Charlie Mansfield
3 years since I first heard this mix, still sends shivers down my spine
richard knowles
give This kid more subs .2019
iLkan Kurt
Ist das UK oder US A? Wo ist der UKRap? DuplikatJenkinsRap.
more prem c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zufpWPe7eA&list=PLqDhpg53bAnsbZ54WtnEXJbF0SxqSCugX
Not Complicit
big up for this oneanyone where i can buy silent eclipse/ mcd tunes still?
Jim Lahey
Big up for putting me on this mix !! Prem C
Hyun Kwon
Jehst is such a fucking BEAST.