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Mumford & Sons - Delta [Official Audio]

Dodano: 2018-11-20

Wyświetleń: 1659161

Czas trwania: 06:17

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Opis materiału Mumford & Sons - Delta [Official Audio]

                  Mumford & Sons - Delta [Official Audio]

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Gary Watkins
I love it so much please come back to new Zealand
Chop Buoy
Could somebody help me find the piano notes from 5:56-6:14 please <3
Gareth Burke
If you have not heard the live version of this go watch/listen. It's awesome! Search Delta Live at the 02
Kelsie Jo
2:15The feelings this song gives me - the journey my soul embarks on - it never gets old. Is it unhealthy to be this obsessed with a song?
Jerome The Sheep
I didn’t like this song at first until I actually listened to the lyrics
Timothy Torres
I just bought tickets to see them in Oklahoma on Oct 11 and I am literally am so excited to have the opportunity to see this song in person!
Hannah Gidley
I feel like I didn't fully appreciate this until I heard it live.
Naz Shahrokh
truly amazing album
This is music. Captures your soul .....fly then capture again.
Logan Gardner
Honestly it sounds cheesy but Mumford & Sons is quite literally the only band that has ever really hit my core. Their music is so powerful.