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Mumford & Sons - Delta [Official Audio]

Dodano: 2018-11-20

Wyświetleń: 1549775

Czas trwania: 06:17

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Opis materiału Mumford & Sons - Delta [Official Audio]

                  Mumford & Sons - Delta [Official Audio]

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Chop Buoy
Could somebody help me find the piano notes from 5:56-6:14 please <3
Gareth Burke
If you have not heard the live version of this go watch/listen. It's awesome! Search Delta Live at the 02
Kelsie Jo
2:15The feelings this song gives me - the journey my soul embarks on - it never gets old. Is it unhealthy to be this obsessed with a song?
Jerome The Sheep
I didn’t like this song at first until I actually listened to the lyrics
Timothy Torres
I just bought tickets to see them in Oklahoma on Oct 11 and I am literally am so excited to have the opportunity to see this song in person!
Hannah Gidley
I feel like I didn't fully appreciate this until I heard it live.
Naz Shahrokh
truly amazing album
This is music. Captures your soul .....fly then capture again.
Logan Gardner
Honestly it sounds cheesy but Mumford & Sons is quite literally the only band that has ever really hit my core. Their music is so powerful.
Simon Norris
This might just be me projecting, but you can practically hear his voice echoing across the vast delta, ringing over the countless rivers