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Cut-Plumb lyrics

Dodano: 2010-01-03

Wyświetleń: 15576529

Czas trwania: 04:04

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sveni meier
I was clean. 3 years then my mom left me and dad, and everything comes back again. And the worst thing: I'm ashamed that it came back I'm ashamed that I can't fight it back again. This tine I might need some help.
Friendly Homie
These comments are way too depressing for me. When you already feel shit, and the comments are even worse. Damn.
Jessica M.
One day I sat in front of my laptop and searched for videos of others cutting...I cried so hard...I couldn’t believe they were hurting themselves. And then I asked myself why too. I saw a reflection of myself and it made me so sick and angry. This opened my eyes and gave me the clarity to stop cutting.
zeeba daruwalla
I've given up on trying 3 times. I cut every day to feel the relief of everything.. to remove the pain.. just to wanna give up again.. no one cares.. no one deserves me..
Here because of TVD stelena
Gomba Computers
The Vampire Diaries
hlt ozkc
hlt ozkc
I want to go to hell
Ashley Hager
I found out that the orange support ribbon is for Self Injury Awearness, and back when I use to work at Sam's Club (i was 17 or 18 and still cutting spasticity) I had bought a small orange ribbon necklace to help remind myself to stay strong. I wore it every day. One day a customer asked me what it was for and i told her. She came around my register and hugged me crying. Her son use to cut himself, and ended up taking his own life. She rubbed my scars on my arms and told me how strong I was and that she was so thankful to have met me. Normally that kinda stuff made me so uncomfortable, but I could tell she didnt pitty me and was very proud of me, despite the fact that we were complete strangers. I wish I could see her again, to thank her. I will never forget her or that day.
CC Nicole
I’ve been thinking about hurting myself again and sometimes I think I’ll break and give in but I don’t which I’m thankful for 2 weeks later DAMNIT 😔