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Cut-Plumb lyrics

Dodano: 2010-01-03

Wyświetleń: 15306542

Czas trwania: 04:04

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the vampire diaries
Amber Randolph
This has become my favorite song. Having a super hard time and it's not gonna get any better. I'm tired of fighting.
Julia Glasser
it hurts how everyone here is more supportive than our own families
Alyssa King
I just wanted to leave a comment. This is the first time I’m listening this song and I will probably not gonna listen it again and my comment will be lost in all these comments and I won’t be even remembering that I write this. But if i ever do remember and find my comment maybe things change by then and i can say that I’m okay and everything is better now. 11th July, 2019. (sorry for my english)
Quickle pickle The cat
My phone is at 4...The sun is setting...The day gets cooler...Summer is slowly ending with each second...The cuts on my arm heel...The pain gets worse...My phone hits 3...Maybe 2...Counting down my time...1...Night hits...The days are cold...am I done now....Is it over...My phone is dead...Too dark to see...Too cold to survive...And I’m too tired to keep going...
Human_ Moment-
Listening in 2019 💪🏼
Pikachu Lover
Relapsed after 3 weeks last week .but ill try better this time
dave arc
Hurting myself gives me relief
HH Mentos
i don't cut instead i use a dull kitchen knife and flip it over so the blade is facing up and draw lines all over my arm with the tip it's basically scratching my arm so it goes away in a couple of days it's a great way to hide it
Charlotte Barber
Ive had these scares wouldn't be so hidden if you would just look my in the eye tattooed on my arm for a few years now.. And have to say it means a lot to me in many different ways.This song will always be one of my all time favourites