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Cut-Plumb lyrics

Dodano: 2010-01-03

Wyświetleń: 15122571

Czas trwania: 04:04

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They say that I'm sad because I care too much what others think. But it's not like that. It's like I'm scared of everything. I'm stresses over every little thing. I'm so afraid of failing. Of disappoint the ones I love. I'm scared that they don't love me. That I'm not worth to be loved. I hate myself how I am and how I look. And I'm afraid that sometime someone will see how much I hate myself like my scars. So scared of that. Because I know they won't understand.
-Anonymous- 1234
"So who are these scars from" She asks."I forgot the safe word" I say.Lol I self harm and just wanted to bring some humor to this comment section.
levi Ackerman
I've cut alot, I've been very depressed and tired.I'm trying to stop but it's the hardest thing I've ever done, I pop rubber bands to distract myself.One day I will get revenge for the person who ruined my life and destroyed me.My brother
My heart bleeds for anyone that lives this. I have never myself, but I have talked with several that did. Pain is a release and that may seem impossible to some, but I believe it. Pain from a superficial cut can detour from a deeper darker kind of pain that never goes away. It gives them a high sensation cause the real pain is crushing and no escape, that is until they cut. I am not condoning, but more of enlightenment on this might help someone to better understand. They hurt far more inside than the cuts, but if they don't get another venting method, the cuts will get deeper and possibly becoming life threatening. I don't think it's an "attention getter", most don't want attention and why they do it in secret. Some even feels shame for doing it cause they was able to escape their deeper pain, like they deserve to feel that pain. People tends to say hurtful things to others if they don't understand something. They have enough to deal with without being made to feel like they are less or something wrong with them cause they vent in a different way. Some use alcohol or drugs, but we all need to know how to vent without hurting ourselves. I hope someone can be helped no matter if they cut or not, or just need to better understand. We all can say it's different, but from the ones I talked to it's an escape as a bottle or needle is to others. Help don't harm, one negative comment can send someone backwards. They are lovable just as the next person, and they need to know that. All the best to everyone ❤️
I dont know why my minds is killing me. But I can't stop overthink. I'm just tired and so scared. And lost. I can't stop cutting. I don't know why. Sadest thing is I have friends that know I did it in the past. And since 2 weeks I do it again. Why do they thibk that just because I stopped cutting then that the paon has ended? It was always there. But I wasn't strong enough so I start cutting again. I'm so afraid someone will see the scars. It would be awful. But I know the won't one day I wore a tshirt with healed scars on my arms. But you could still see them. Well, no one noticed. Are they reslly blind or do they just don't care? Fuck this shit. It's way too hard. I wanna get drunk. Wanna smoke. Wanna cut. Alle the fucking day. Why is everything so heavy? I can't deal with this shit anymore.
Frederik Meinertz
She paints a pretty picture, But the story has a twist. Her paint brush is her razor, And her canvas is her wrist. She paints a pretty picture, In a colour that's blood red. While using her sharp paint brush, She ends up finally dead. Her pretty pictures fading, Quite slowly on her arm. The blood is not racing through her, She can no longer do harm. She painted her pretty picture, But her picture had a twist. You see her mind was her razor. And her heart was her wrist.
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TVD Stefan and Elena brought me here 😍😢
Crazy Unicorn
Don't cut people. Not worth it
Depression 0
3 weeks clean...