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Les Misérables: 9- Confrontation

Dodano: 2011-04-05

Wyświetleń: 761760

Czas trwania: 02:32

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Opis materiału Les Misérables: 9- Confrontation

                  From the Original Broadway Cast                


OK Howard
"Then I'll return!""You must think me mad!"Well, since you brought it up...
Sammy J
Key and Peele
Chewbacca the Gryffindor
I love how they sing a near reprise of the other's part in Overture Work Song. It's almost like they're using that to taunt each other.
Misty Schoff
this is me when i saw my mean 2nd grade teacher in the 4th grade she never stoped hating me
Irina K.
Just sang and played this while listening to it. Also Fantine's death before it. Imagining I'm the characters and have a voice as beautiful as the actors' hit me in the feels so strong! And I put so much emotion into it!Fantine's death upset me, and this made me angry and motivated. Though I can't sing or act, now, in my room, wearing an yellow flowered dress and jumping around with mt hairbrush instead of a weapon, I can feel the power of this art.No. I will learn to sing. I have to.
i am from the gutter too!DUN DUN DUNNNN
it sounds so disco
Dos Caffeine
Madeline reveals himself to the court as the former convict Jean Valjean, freeing the innocent man from taking his place in galleies, and prompting Javert to apprehend him.
is it me or when ever I hear this song I think of Sirius Black? love this song by the way
Emily A
My friend's 85-year-old granduncle sings a badass Javert, and plays the piano! #goals