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PREMIERE: Juan Elvadin - Shadow Shaman (Original Mix) [Ritual]

Dodano: 2019-04-11

Wyświetleń: 14438

Czas trwania: 07:05

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Opis materiału PREMIERE: Juan Elvadin - Shadow Shaman (Original Mix) [Ritual]

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Release Date: 12-04-2019

► Juan Elvadin ♫ 

Release Info: 
In the early human tribe, the shaman was the spiritual and musical leader. This is what this release is representing.

Ritual is happy to present the first various artists release in their catalogue: RITES 001. Showcasing the talents of ten producers from the family; Teologen, D-Formation & EdOne, Gabriel Moraes, Juan Elvadin, Olivier Weiter, Dumming Dum, Ikarius & Dhakka and Rafael Cerato.

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Vladislav Titov
I'm proud to be dating his mom, thats my chicken :D
Distant Warrior
Damn good!
Señor Cósmico Efraja
Bomba. Omba bombaaa
Petar Vujčić
Hahaha brat Juan pika Doticu 2 izgleda :D i suri ozbiljnu muzikicu takodjer :D
Vhans Ofc
Светлана Марушкевич
🤩 Супер 👍👍👍💣🌪️🌪️🌪️🚀❤️🤗🙏
i turned into a totem after listening to this
For the Shaman... 💞🔥💞🔥💞🔥💞 ....
Teo Tsakiris
Where did "live" go?