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But its Better if You Do lyrics

Dodano: 2010-09-19

Wyświetleń: 2062909

Czas trwania: 03:15

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Opis materiału But its Better if You Do lyrics

                  I OWE ALL CREDIT FROM THIS VIDEO TO THE SONGS  OWNER. This is my first video like this. Please leave a comment if you have some suggestions on how to make it better.                


Carter Williams
My dad never knows the lyrics of songs so he just mumbles them it's fucking hilarious.He loves P!ATD because I introduced him and it's funny when we're in the car and he just makes up random words for the lyrics..He does this with pretty much every song lmfao
Killjoy who makes some noise
Me faking my period to skip P.E. classTeacher: Didn't you have it last week too?Me: Well, I'm afraid that I, well I may have faked it...
i miss the old panic ;-;
ś p ø ń g ê
Bruh i thought it was “wheres the love in a lap dance” lmao
Brenda Anahi
WOW I haven't listened to this in ages 😔
Paige Mari
0:56 is anyone from tiktok is looking for it
Demon_ V
Panic at the Disco is the BEST band that has ever EXISTED........and yes I heard the begining of I Write Sins Not Tragedies.....And LOVVVEEE the two claps after "Well i may have faked it"
manon amiel
You can hear in Brendon's voice that he was younger while recording this BUT I LOOOOVE THAT lol sorry if that doesn't make sense I'm French haha
Ocean Gang
Anyone still jamming to this in 2019?