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Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath FULL DOCUMENTARY

Dodano: 2019-05-05

Wyświetleń: 311525

Czas trwania: 01:01:13

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Opis materiału Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath FULL DOCUMENTARY

                  The definitive look into the Documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.  The Aftermath of all the facts and stories come to light post airing of the series on HBO.

4 hours of the original documentary compressed and researched.


This documentary was self funded, from hosting the documentary at the Theater to travel costs etc.  I would greatly appreciate any kind of donation to re-coupe my investment and for future advertising.  This is and was a passion project for the truth.  I am currently planning on working on a version which I can possibly give to a distributor (there are certain rules to do this of course).

*TCL Chinese Theater ver THEATRICAL CUT: 

*Scott Ross is a Private Investigator for Michael Jackson's Attorney in 2005*

All content are used under fair use for educational purposes.

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Latezone TV
All sick twisted people whom wanted money and fame, what kind off mothers would do that? omg makes me sick, long live Michael Jackson'....
Wow this makes no sense, Michael was filthy rich, he could have easily got a girlfriend
Mfundo Mkhize
MJ is innocent.FUCK all you haters
Tash Potato
The man may or may not have done the crimes. But to blindly defend him is just as bad as blindly accusing. I dont know if he did or not. Only he and the accusers do. Theres ample evidence for both sides
Can someone put swedish, Norwegian or danish texting on this? The english is to advanced for a person with average english skills from non english speaking countries. I really want to share 💓👑
Silent bree
These people are lying broo I'm laughingggg
Ntuthuko Mdluli
garbage lies
Tammie Wells
Funny Michael encourages those kids to stay in school but tells robs on to drop out. Hmmmmmm
Denise Pendulas
It’s not even about being a MJ fan anymore. We’re talking about a man who’s been found innocent many many times and the world allows two men, who provide no evidence whatsoever, to fuck up the legacy of a man who worked his ass of from the age of 5. DISGUSTING
Sihle Sibanyoni
But guys this is a Price for fame. Michael Jackson was so great people had to find a fault against him to try to wipe away the greatness I mean people even wanted to find a fault with Jesus so greatness will have enemies