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Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2007-11-07

Wyświetleń: 7660205

Czas trwania: 03:18

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Opis materiału Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Official Music Video)

                  Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Official Music Video)
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Armin Van Buuren's second artist album, out on August 2005, was 'Shivers'. Two years after his debut album '76', he returned with a new slew of trance tracks. 'Shivers' features a variety of guest vocalists and producers, including Dutch celebrity pianist and composer Jan Vayne, former Genesis singer Ray Wilson and the first lady in trance vocals, Justine Suissa.

Shivers was recorded over two years, primarily in Amsterdam, San Francisco (with Gabriel & Dresden), Miami (with Markus Schulz and Mic Burns) and New York (with Nadia Ali of Iio). The first single off Shivers was its title track 'Shivers', which ended up high on the Dutch charts and made its mark on the international trance scene and as a Top 40 hit (Armins fifth) in his native Holland. Other songs on the album of note are 'Serenity', featuring Jan Vayne, which was the official anthem of Sensation White that year, and 'Golddigger' featuring the luscious vocals of Rosemarys Sons Martijn Hagens.

Shivers is a major step for me into full songwriting, says Armin. I was a co-writer on most of the lyrics and was able to work in a variation of styles. Trance will always be the main thing but it brings a different element when you collaborate with artists. It requires more attention to song structure than instrumental tracks. This is a work I am extremely proud of.

1. Wall of Sound [feat. Justine Suissa
2. Empty State [feat. Mic Burns]
3. Shivers
4. Golddigger [feat. Martijn Hagens]
5. Zocalo [feat. Gabriel & Dresden]
6. Gypsy [feat. Ray Wilson]
7. Who Is Watching [feat. Nadia Ali]
8. Bounce Back [feat. Remy & Roland Klinkenberg]
9. Control Freak
10. Serenity [feat. Jan Vayne]
11. Hymne

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Патриция 'Patty' Кувшин
2019. So many memories 😢
Neil Chhag
2019 !!
Ivan Ivanov
Classic Armin!
Cuscatleco 503
En 2019 no sabes como me recuerda a ti esta cancion Andrea y como te amon; mi amor por ti sera para siempre aunque ahora seas una mujer casada con otrom
Chrisjoas Nica
Esto es trance de verdad A State Of Trance
Nipuna Weerasekara
2019 anyone? Still gives me the Shivers...
Esmeralda Contreras
Alguien en mayo 2019 escuchando las reliquias de Armin van Buuren?
❤️ this song 👍🎶
garilu -otaku
Dance Dance revolución