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Japanese Language Lesson 19 - Te-form: Te Kudasai

Dodano: 2013-12-27

Wyświetleń: 152193

Czas trwania: 02:59

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Opis materiału Japanese Language Lesson 19 - Te-form: Te Kudasai

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.


This lesson covers sentence pattern "te-kudasai." It is a way to say the magic word "please" in Japanese using te-form. Please stay tuned for future lessons on the many usages of te-form!


Please Listen:
ききます -- きいてください/kikimasu -- kiitekudasai
to listen (regular I verb)

このCDをきいてください。/Kono CD o kiitekudasai.
Please listen to this CD.

Please Read:
よみます -- よんでください/yomimasu -- yondekudasai
to read (regular I verb)

このにほんのほんをよんでください/Kono Nihon no hon o yondekudasai.
Please read this Japanese book.

Please Watch:
みます -- みてください/mimasu -- mitekudasai
to see (regular II verb)

このおもしろいえいがをみてください/Kono omoshiroi eiga o mitekudasai.
Please watch this interesting movie.

Please Deliver:
とどけます -- とどけてください/todokemasu -- todoketekudasai
to deliver (regular II verb)

このパッケージとどけてください/Kono pakkeeji o todoketekudasai.
Please deliver this package.

Please Come:
きます -- きてください/kimasu -- kitekudasai
to come (irregular verb)

あしたにじにきてください/Ashita niji ni kitekudasai.
Please come at two o'clock tomorrow.


Stay tuned for future lessons on the Te-form and more!

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Ricky Sword
I love this lessons. Im really learning. God, Im learning Japanese for real 😱🤣 this is crazy.
Eurico Ferreira
raftar singh
The thumbnail is adorable
Zachary Who
what was the specific reason we would need to conjugate to -Te form again????
Mark's Awesome Videos
To Listen - KitteTo come - KiteHow to know when someone sspeaking
Addison Ramirez
An example I'm familiar with is "Yamete kudasai"
Please, put the romanjiiiii
Sithmi Randunuge
Why do you always say 'hm'?