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Arnold Schwarzenegger | You Will Never Look At Life The Same (Motivational Speech For 2019)

Dodano: 2019-01-03

Wyświetleń: 517568

Czas trwania: 09:21

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Opis materiału Arnold Schwarzenegger | You Will Never Look At Life The Same (Motivational Speech For 2019)

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► About The Message In The Video
This is a timeless tale of a man who followed his dreams and changed the world. 

►Background On The video
We wanted to create an insightful and informative remix video in an entertain fashion, collaging and remixing various speeches Arnold has given and creating a new piece of work that is this video. We hope you're inspired by this.  

►The Speaker


► About Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, businessman, investor, former professional bodybuilder and powerlifter. His life story has inspired millions around the world to follow their dreams and almost all his speeches online tend to break the internet due to their inspiring and motivational nature. 
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This video is Arnold Schwarzenegger | You Will Never Look At Life The Same (Motivational Speech For 2019)                


Absolute Motivation
"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Joseph Vasta
I understand what Arnie is saying. About failure. Using Jordan's 9000 missed shots. One failure is nothing. It's all about the effort you put in.
Nicholas Janke
Sorry Arnold but I don't see anything wrong with a safety net. Ask any trapeze artist!
Nicholas Janke
actually it wasn't quite true that Arnold was turned down by studio execs. I mean he was being offered scripts but it was always for the third or fourth part. Arnold began pushing his agent to push the studio to send him leading role scripts-they just didn't want Arnold in a leading role.
Rolando Ortega
Yes we can,gracias Arnold,Respekt von Kuba 🇨🇺
Cali Tube
Iam not gay and iam a guy who is in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger because he was my motivation when I started working out in back in 1988 when I was 14 years old . My Favorite action Hero
fernando dasilva
Arnold,you are a real master ,a real examplairy . thanks for your examplairy and God bless you good friend of the intiry world beaps lets say the univere. Ambassador Fernando!!!
Joel Little
Powerful man
Brian Walmsley
Arnold made it clear from an early age to be the greatest body builder he did it big time 🌟😎
Dominique Bersziek
I acutually made a fitness transformation every day I made Sports. Today is the 56 Day of my 84 Day Challenge. And I know that Arnolds Videos give me so much motivation every day to stay focus and be hungry. When iam in the Gym I only listen to motivation speeches most of the time of arnold. -So Thanks to made the Video. -Dominique