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Damon and Elena || Blue Jeans

Dodano: 2012-05-05

Wyświetleń: 13922

Czas trwania: 02:17

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Opis materiału Damon and Elena || Blue Jeans

                  *PLEASE DO NOT STEAL OR REPOST*
So I heard that this song was in the finale for the "special kiss" and decided to slap together this video for you all. Enjoy my fellow delena shippers! If you don't know this song, its called "Blue Jeans" hence the title... by Lana Del Ray. I hope you like this, I had a lot of fun making it :) oh and I edited this on "Videopad video editor"                


joao alexandre Viking
fala serio o video fico muito bom em kkkkkk  
jaky briones
Hilarious Humans
thank you!!
Ash S
Wonderful video! Love the Lana song :)
amazing <3
i heard a much more uptempo version of this song. I guess it is a remix because I like this one better :)
Hilarious Humans
ah that means a lot to me! Thank you so so much!! :) <3
Speechless♥♥♥ You're an AMAZING video maker;)☺♥
Hilarious Humans
Thank you so much!