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Bobina & Christina Novelli - Mysterious Times (Official Lyric Video)

Dodano: 2018-09-26

Wyświetleń: 13941

Czas trwania: 03:50

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Opis materiału Bobina & Christina Novelli - Mysterious Times (Official Lyric Video)

                  Get it here: https://magikmuzik.choons.at/mysterioustimes

Who ordered the early autumn anthem from two of the scene’s finest then!? If you requested that to come with masterfully subtle trance shades and a thought provoking song, well, you’re about to get served! Bobina - that Kasparov of the keyboards, Baryshnikov of bass and regular production Pavlov has gotten on a first time connect with voice of a (Concrete) angel, Christina Novelli.

A pairing most potent, if you’re feeling even the remotest tinge of those end o’summer blues, these two have the tonic! 

Set against a mid-to-peak-time pace, Bobina gets the mercury ascending on ‘Mysterious Times’ with coursing sub-melodies, reverb heavy percussion and echoing harmonic refrains. Around its midpoint he drafts enchanted pianos into the track, linking them up with booming symphonic drums and an entire orchestral string section.

Building the atmosphere further, Christina equips ‘Mysterious Times’ with its beautifully voiced song - the meaningful verses of which will resonate far and wide. As her chorus rises to meet Bobina’s synth apex, the track kicks out the feel-good moment you’ll have been waiting all night for.

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Richard Cabrera
Remix lindo e maravilhoso!
Sorry I had to come back and listen to this beauty again☝️
Arun Kumar
Dave 86
Nice. Thank you
vv vn
Grzegorz Bartnik
Bobina, this track is melodically beautiful, thank you.
What a classic from sash, the reason I got in to trance
alexius2301 Akimov
Давай на Эквадор ещё забомби
jawad muneer
Manoiu Adriana
Just amazing! 💖💖💖