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LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES [HD] Bodybuilding Motivation

Dodano: 2019-02-22

Wyświetleń: 45748

Czas trwania: 03:16

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Opis materiału LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES [HD] Bodybuilding Motivation

                  LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES

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Josh Van Eck
This is on point.
marc der Mensch
Who is the Guy with the Sprach from. 01:00 starting? Thanks in Advance.
Connor Kent
Ignore the picture and name on this profile I seriously appreciate your work.. this gets me through my paramedic class ... cause it’s sooo stressful but .. this calms me down and makes me realize that I can do this I gave up using my PS4 to study and the rest of the time I work out hard af .. and I go to my job.. this gets me through everything. Working out makes me feel free currently weigh 192 5”10 12% body fat .. I’m benching 285 . Squatting 315 for reps. Deadlifting 405 for reps.. I train hypertrophy I’m a bodybuilder. And I’m barely 18.. I do believe I train harder then every guy in my gym people have been starring cause I’ve made crazy progress... 5 months ago I was 154 lbs and I was weak . But macros have truly changed my life and working harder then most.. ill be a firefighter! And a bodybuilder competing in 2024 I’ll win for my mom . My names Jose but I go by Baki .. cause Baki the grappler is how I want to look like one day...
Connor Kent
I always come back to this
Adarsh Thakur
Great video man......
Yakir Zeevi
Thank you for sharing this video!
Dude ive seen alot of videos on here. saved quite a few of them, found some really great ones. But this video may be one of thee if not the best ive ever watched. Motivating 1000 percent, music on point. Clips on point, the speakers are on it. its literally one of the best ive ever watched.
Shredded Beast
Failure is the best key towards success 💪💪
mukesh kumar Pal
Powerful motivation speech and music.
Predrag Perošević
Thank you for your videos man,just keep going you will gain much more subs than this...