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Imagine Dragons - Thief - Live in Toronto 2016 - Tradução em português

Dodano: 2016-09-05

Wyświetleń: 16510

Czas trwania: 04:08

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Opis materiału Imagine Dragons - Thief - Live in Toronto 2016 - Tradução em português

                  This video is not intented to violate any condition of use. It was made to understand this song in the Portuguese language, all rights reserved to Imagine Dragons, Eagle Rock and UMG.

"Então leva-me de volta a quando eu acreditava, quando eu era destemido tal como um ladrão" - Por vezes, a única forma de seguir em frente é voltar atrás e perceber onde erramos,  onde perdemos a nossa ambição e paramos de tentar devido á postura cética que assumimos á medida que envelhecemos.                


Mike Kelly
Dan is very emotionally attached to his audience, and you can see how affected he is by the audiences reaction to the song.
Does anyone have the chords for the acoustic version on the guitar??
22nd Pilot
Beautiful song but damn, the crowd is dead...
Nwsk Ea
so beautiful
Nwsk Ea
so beautiful ❤
Emil Dernánd
This, in its acoustic form, might be the most beautiful Imagine Dragons song. It is absolutely astonishing...
Anne H
I always now you have a great voice Dan Reynolds😍🔥You are a great band! Dan, daniel,ben and wayne💪🏻
Ian Vinnychenko
Beorn Morrow Caron
chills fam, chills.
Philip ten Caat
I come back to this video so much, probably one of my all time favorites